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Topnot – A working PC Metal Bot

 A little cockeyed and melted – Topnot

Was a top web game programmer until he burnt out and him magic smoke escaped.  


Rasta – A working PC Metal Bot


 Can light up a fari way to overstanding a new society  – Rasta

Hey mon, can I use your network connection?  Yes!?  Upfulness, Irie! 

Pan Head – A working PC Metal Bot

 He’s Cute and Charged-Up  – Pan Head

Sure he’s cute and full of energy, just don’t kick him in the fan(ny).  

Damn, Just Another Teaser – The Metal Bots Up Next

Rasta, Pan Head, Topnot

Hula Hippy Chick – A working PC Bot

 Never Left the Summer of Love on the Island – Hula Hippy Chick

Will light up you life and twist tie your emotions with her oli and mele.   Could then watch a reruns of Magnum PI and Hawaii 50 on Hulu.

Helo Fan – A working PC Bot

 Not Halo, Not Hello Its – Helo Fan

Always blowing his top whist using himself to browse the Internet.   When not spinning, his head makes a convenient landing pad for thy passing gyrocopter or ornithopter.

Niece Bit – A working PC Bot


Cousin It meets Lady Gaga – Niece Bit

Just imagine the bad romance between the Adams Family’s Cousin It and Lady Gaga.  The actual PC could watch the reruns and vid’s while keeping a poker face .  Yep, I also can’t resist saying Bit was born this way.