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Welcome Cummins Viewers

Thanks for taking a look at my “art”.  Please be sure to view my older posts!


My Most Useless Machine


Teaser 2

Been busy with the holiday so I just have time for this 2nd teaser vid. Please look for more pics in a couple days.

My Christmas Playlist

 Bonus Track   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=777HmzCnW1c

Wall Art Group 1

A selection of my wall art.  All work and can access the Internet.

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Retro Post Steampunk Industrial Worn PC’s – Atom

 The latest of my post steam punk, industrial worn art PC’s.  Simple and refined. Latest gen dual core Atom browses better than most netbooks.  Wi-Fi allows placement anywhere.  I guess I should make it a matching keyboard and LCD.

Atom Front

Atom Front w/ Top Removed Internals
Main Board

MaxTerm/MaxSpeed Power Supply

Drive Location and PCI Riser

Simple Screw Starter

Simple Screw Starter

Just a gimme pen barrel with a couple small magnets from a CD Optical assembly stuck in it.  No Instructables needed.