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Archive for January, 2012

Hula Hippy Chick – A working PC Bot

 Never Left the Summer of Love on the Island – Hula Hippy Chick

Will light up you life and twist tie your emotions with her oli and mele.   Could then watch a reruns of Magnum PI and Hawaii 50 on Hulu.


Helo Fan – A working PC Bot

 Not Halo, Not Hello Its – Helo Fan

Always blowing his top whist using himself to browse the Internet.   When not spinning, his head makes a convenient landing pad for thy passing gyrocopter or ornithopter.

Niece Bit – A working PC Bot


Cousin It meets Lady Gaga – Niece Bit

Just imagine the bad romance between the Adams Family’s Cousin It and Lady Gaga.  The actual PC could watch the reruns and vid’s while keeping a poker face .  Yep, I also can’t resist saying Bit was born this way. 

Teaser – The Mini PC Bots Up Next

Hula Hippy, Niece Bit, Helo Fan

Industrial Worn Accoutrements


Industrial Worn Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

While filming the series on my industrial Worn Post Steam Punk PC’s, I casually mentioned I needed to make accessories to match.  Well here you go!




Not the Nicest Fellow – Razzer

Will blow you a raspberry while trampling on your toes and intercepting your remote signals.


Hippy Geeket

You’ve seen her in a teaser  – Hippy Geeket

An old-school flower child.  Runs her life based on her aura meter and the phases of the moon.